New Proccedures for Deliveries on and off the Spirit of Rathlin

Friday 20th March 2020

RIFL Procedures for Island Community

RIFL continue to work closely with their staff on a daily basis trying our best to support you all as a community. Our number one priority is to keep ourselves and the Island safe and well during these uncertain times. We have had to reconsider our recent commitment (text message sent Wednesday 18th March) to delivering all parcels due to safety of our staff and indeed yourselves.

Before I give you a run through of what procedures we have put in place I just want to say thank you to you all for your understanding and patience over the past few days. At a time of crisis your community spirit truly shines through.

In order to minimise the risk of the virus spreading we ask you all to adhere to these procedures which are effective from Friday 20th March.
1. All non-essential travel is discouraged.
2. Boarding the vessel will be done so ONLY when instructed by a crew member.
3. Crew will thoroughly clean the vessel first thing in the morning, after every leg of the journey and again before leaving in the evening.
4. Tickets: crew will continue as normal but will wear disposable gloves which they will change regularly.
5. There will be an increased crew presence for cleaning of toilets, tables, handles etc during the sailing as needed. If you require assistance at anytime please inform a crew member and they will assist where they can without risk of contagion.
6.a) In Ballycastle the deliveries are made on the slipway to reduce traffic on board the SOR
6.b) The crew will load the parcels/cargo into a designated van to reduce the number of people coming into contact with the surfaces of the van.
6.c) A crew member will then drive the van on to the deck.
6.d) The office will inform Islanders of deliveries, therefore if you don’t get a call there is nothing for you to collect.
6.e) When the vessel arrives in Rathlin we ask that you don’t congregate at the harbour to collect deliveries please stay clear when possible.
6.f) Once all passengers and vehicles disembark the vessel appointed crew will start to deep clean.
6.g) Appointed crew will drive the van over to the bus shelter (at RE Pier) and unload parcel/deliveries into the shelter trying their best to group together and separate all individuals for ease of collection. ISLANDERS ARE ASKED TO COLLECT THEIR PARCELS ANYTIME FROM 12NOON.
6.h) Crew will then deliver any parcels/cargo to those residents who are vulnerable or self-isolating. Anyone needing this service should inform the RDCA or Ferry Office beforehand. Crew will make the delivery to your door, leaving the parcel outside to avoid contact with you.
Please continue as normal but keep in mind the following steps:
a) Take you delivery down to the slipway and await crew instructions.
b) Crew will come and collect parcel from the slipway using gloves and store it in the allocated locker on board.
8. Office will be open every day as normal 08.30 – 17.00 however it will only be accessible to the general public between 09.30-10.30 and 15.30-16.00. Please call us for information.
9. Please remember to keep washing your hands, there are facilities onboard the vessel and in the office, let our staff know if anything needs replenished.

I just want to say a huge thank you to all our amazing staff who are going above and beyond their normal daily duties to ensure Rathlin stays connected to the mainland and things carry on as normal as possible. Look after yourself and others and be kind.

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