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The wikipedia entry on Rathlin provides a general introduction to the island.

Tourism & Travel

The Northern Ireland Tourist Board page for Rathlin.

The Discover Ireland page on the island.

The page on the island.

The Rathlin Island Ferry website.

Nature & Walking

The RSPB page on the Seabird Centre at the West Light.

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency's page on the Kebble Nature Reserve.

Tom McDonnell, wildlife photographer and Rathlin resident conducts photo workshops.

Eight Walks on Rathlin Island, a detailed guide with photos of every stage of the walks points out the ruins and places of interest along the way giving a brief account of events that happened there.

Local walking guide Paul Quinn's website.

Walk NI's guide to the Roonivoolin walk, and the walk to the Seabird Centre at the West Light.


The Commissioners of Irish Lights page on the West Light.

The Commissioners of Irish Lights page on the East Light.

The Commissioners of Irish Lights page on the Rue Light.

Regional & Local Government

The Department for Regional Development's Rathlin Island Policy & Action Plan.

Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council


The Black Brothers' website.

Frances Black's website, and myspace page.

Martin Black's myspace page.

Mary Black's website, and myspace page.

Michael Black's website, and myspace page.

Shay Black's myspace page.

Books, Art, Film & Photography

Local publishing company Rathlin Island Books' website.

Wildlife photographer and island resident Tom McDonnell's website.

Belfast-based artist and frequent island visitor Angela Ginn's website, featuring many Rathlin paintings.

Photographer Andy McInroy's series of pictures of the caves of Rathlin, and an article about the photographing in September 2009 of Bruce's Cave.

"Rathlin: The Island Betwixt and Between" video clips of BBC 1957 black and white documentary on life on Rathlin.


Andy Keogh's website, including substantial genealogical information.

Kieran Meeke's Rathlin website.

Northern Ireland Photos and Images page for Rathlin.

David Simpson's Rathlin website.

The Rathlin page.


List of shipwrecks around the island from the irishwrecksonline website.

Set of photographs from


Article by Shirley McWilliams from Family Links Magazine, January, 1982, covering the island's history.

Potted island history from

The meaning of Rathlin placenames, from the Glens of Antrim Historical Society.

Patrica McCurdy Townsend's site from Lubec, Maine, USA, highlighting the genealogical links between Rathlin and Lubec.

Transcription of headstones in the island graveyard, on Patricia McCurdy Townsend's website.

Report by the Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork in Queen's University Belfast on the excavations adjacent to the graveyard at St. Thomas' church in 2007.

Extract from Rev. Hugh Forde's 1923 'Sketches of Olden Days in Northern Ireland'.

Blog about the Irish language as spoken on Rathlin.

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