Energy Audit of Rathlin Homes

Thursday 7th October 2021


Energy Co-operatives Ireland Ltd have been commissioned by Rathlin Sustainable Island Network (RSIN), with the support of Invest Northern Ireland to carry out a comprehensive Scoping Study which will map out the potential future of sustainability and renewable energy on Rathlin.

RSIN is a group bringing together a wide range of SME’s, community organisations, and stakeholders. Some are based on the Island and others have close links with or interests in the island’s economic activity.

The aim of the network is to investigate how best to use renewable energy to drive forward the concept of a sustainable low carbon island and collaborate in delivering a holistic project building on experience gained in previous projects implemented through the Rathlin Island Policy and Rathlin Island Action Plan.

RSIN, working with Energy Co-ops Ireland are conducting Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) assessments on a selection of homes on the island. This sample of 10 homes, will represent the totality of homes on Rathlin. We therefore need a cross section of types of homes. The EPC assessments usually cost between £65 and £125 but homes chosen as part of this study will receive EPCs free of charge. To get a good sample of all home types we need you to complete a short one-page survey. We will contact all those who respond whether or not their homes have been chosen as soon as the sample of 10 has been selected – hopefully by 14th November.

The short survey is available here. Hard copies are also available in the shop.

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