Harbour Bye-Laws

Wednesday 11 November 2009

The RDCA welcomes the decision taken at the 9th November meeting of Moyle District Council that discussion of the Rathlin Harbour Bye Laws would be deferred until the December Council meeting, to allow for a fuller consultation process. Below is the text of the RDCA's statement on the Bye Laws.

Rathlin Development and Community Association Committee, following a meeting on Wednesday 4th November 2009, understands the need for a set of bye-laws to cover the use of the Harbour area on Rathlin Island.

The Committee is in general support of the bye-laws proposed and welcomes some of the laws as timely, necessary and important for the safe use of this developing harbour area.

However, the Committee is concerned with the lack of notice given to Rathlin residents regarding the preparation of the bye-laws, and with the very short period of time between the response from the Council Department to RDCA’s itemised concerns on and the intended re-presentation of the proposals to Council for signing and sealing.

The Committee is also concerned about the day to day implementation of the proposed bye-laws and the daily effects on the development of the harbour area. The harbour, as well as being a working harbour with traditional and commercial use, is also the only safe recreational area for bathers and other pleasure activities.

The Committee respectfully requests that these, and other specific concerns be fully and carefully considered in consultation with Rathlin residents and would like to work closely with Moyle District Council on the process of agreeing and implementing the bye-laws so as to maintain and strengthen the good relationship between Rathlin Island, our local elected representatives and the Council staff.

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