Rathlin Run 2023

Thursday 31st August 2023


Ryan Maxwell from the Rathlin Run team has been on to us to express their thanks to the Rathlin community for their continued and valued support for the annual event:

run 23 water station_0.jpg
Photo by Paschal Kearney


"As things start to settle down post Rathlin Run 2023 I wanted to take a minute to say a huge THANK YOU to you, the RDCA and the wider Rathlin Community for your amazing support yet again! Every single year (9 in total now!) I have been involved in the organisation of the event, I never fail to be truly humbled by the level of enthusiasm and desire to help out that we are welcomed with; Rathlin and its people are so very special!


That's before I even start to talk about race day and the support we receive across the island in terms of water station help, facilitation of turning point at Seabird Centre, medical support from HM Coastguard, NIFRS and the Island Nurse... and of course the facilitation of our Race HQ at McCuaig's. I could go on!

run 23 aoife_0.jpg

In short, the race would be nothing without the support of the Rathlin Island community and that's something I often think about; I'm very proud of the way we all come together to host the race and show Rathlin Island for the amazing place it is."


We would like to thank the Rathlin Run team for all their hard work over the years in bringing such a special event to the island for so many years now, and wish then every success in the future.


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