Statement from the RDCA on Covid-19

Monday 16th March 2020

Statement from the Rathlin Development and Community Association on Covid-19

Following the Covid-19 pandemic and the approaches being taken internationally to prevent the spread of the virus, the Rathlin Development and Community Association (RDCA) has consulted with the residents of Rathlin Island to come to a consensus on the best approach to take to protect the island community as a whole.

Our population on Rathlin includes those with underlying medical conditions and the protection of all people who are particularly vulnerable to the virus has been at the heart of the RDCA’s response to this challenging time.

Given the consensus drawn from the consultation with the Rathlin community, the decision has been clearly made to impose some restrictions on the general traffic to Rathlin.

The details of these are as follows:

● All non-essential traffic to the island is discouraged until further notice

● Essential traffic includes:
1) Essential personnel
2) Business operations
3) Residents who cannot avoid appointments on the mainland
4) Travel for schoolchildren to remain open while they are expected to attend school.

We hope that ferry staff and crew will do everything possible to maintain essential services and goods provision to the island during this period, whilst keeping themselves safe from infection.

This advice comes from a very broad consensus across the Rathlin community, and we hope that all of us will continue to be mindful of our personal responsibilities and duty of care in these difficult times.

This advice is in keeping with UK government guidance on avoiding unnecessary travel and social contact.

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